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연번 학술지명 논문명 ISSN 출판연월 참여교수명
1 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Nitrogen-monoxide Gas-sensing Properties of Transparent p-type Copper-oxide Nanorod Arrays 0374-4884 201501 김도진
2 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Porous Au-embedded WO3 Nanowire Structure for Efficient Detection of CH4 and H2S 2045-2322 201506 김도진
3 MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS Ni2O3 Decoration of WO3 Thin Film for High Sensitivity NH3 Gas Sensor 1345-9678 201508 김도진
4 NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS Rectifying and NO gas sensing properties of an oxide heterostructure with ZnO Nanorods embedded in CuO thin film 1941-4900 201509 김도진
5 JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS Transparent Conductive Films of Copper Nanofiber Network Fabricated by Electrospinning 1687-4110 201510 김도진
6 SCRIPTA MATERIALIA Microstructural and electrical properties of lead-free 0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3?0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 (BZT?BCT) epitaxial films grown on 1359-6462 201511 김도진
7 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL Surface gas sensing kinetics of a WO3nanowire sensor: part1?oxidizing gases 0925-4005 201512 김도진
8 Chemistry of Materials Stabilization of Battery Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces Employing Nanocrystals with Passivating Epitaxial Shells 0897-4756 201501 김천중
9 Inorganic Chemistry High-Voltage Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Freeze-Dried LiMn0.8Fe0.1M0.1PO4/C (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) Nanocomposites 0020-1669 201503 김천중
10 Journal of the American Chemical Society The Formation Mechanism of Fluorescent Metal Complexes at the LixNi0.5Mn1.5O4?δ/Carbonate Ester Electrolyte Interface 0002-7863 201503 김천중
11 Advanced Energy Materials Nonequilibrium Pathways during Electrochemical Phase Transformations in Single Crystals Revealed by Dynamic Chemical Imaging at Nanoscale Resolution 1614-6832 201504 김천중
12 Nanoscale Research Letters Reduced graphene oxide/carbon double-coated 3-D porous ZnO aggregates as high-performance Li-ion anode materials 1556-276X 201505 김천중
13 Advanced Materials Direct Observation of Reversible Magnesium Ion Intercalation into a Spinel Oxide Host 0935-9648 201506 김천중
14 Nano Letters Dependence on Crystal Size of the Nanoscale Chemical Phase Distribution and Fracture in LixFePO4 1530-6984 201507 김천중
15 Chemistry of Materials Copolymerization of Polythiophene and Sulfur To Improve the Electrochemical Performance in Lithium?Sulfur Batteries 0897-4756 201510 김천중
16 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society The Electrochemical Analysis using Critical Parameters in Li-S Battery 0253-2964 201511 김천중
17 Applied Physics Letters? Effect of DC sputtering power on the behavior of amorphous IGZO thin-film transistors under negative bias illumination stress: a combination of experimental analyses and device simulation 0003-6951 201503 김현석
18 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces A facile route to controlled synthesis of tetragonal and orthorhombic SnO2 films by mist chemical vapor deposition 1944-8244 201505 김현석
19 Scientific Reports Hydrothermally Grown In-doped ZnO Nanorods on p-GaN Films for Color-tunable Heterojunction Light-emitting-diodes 2045-2322 201505 김현석
20 IEEE Electron Device Letters A Study on the Degradation of In-Ga-Zn-O Thin-Film Transistors Under Current Stress by Local Variations in Density of States and Trapped Charge Distribution 0741-3106 201506 김현석
21 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces A Study on the photoresponse of amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O and zinc oxynitride semiconductor devices by the extraction of sub-gap state distribution and device simulation 1944-8244 201506 김현석
22 IEEE Electron Device Letters The Effect of Gate and Drain Fields on the Competition between Donor-like State Creation and Local Electron Trapping in In-Ga-Zn-O Thin Film Transistors under Current Stress 0741-3106 201510 김현석
23 Ceramics International The Growth behavior and properties of atomic layer deposited zinc oxide films using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone (O3) oxidant 0272-8842 201510 김현석
24 Journal of Electroceramics Flexible In-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistors fabricated on polyimide substrates and mechanically induced instability under negative bias illumination stress 1385-3449 201511 김현석
25 Scientific Reports? Surface properties of atomically flat poly-crystalline SrTiO3 2045-2322 201503 김현유
26 Journal of Physical Chemistry C Complex Catalytic Behaviors of CuTiOx Mixed-Oxide during CO Oxidation 1932-7447 201509 김현유
27 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL Effect of protective layer on enhanced transmittance, mechanical durability, anti-fingerprint, and antibacterial activity of the silver nanoparticles deposited on flexible substrate 0924-4247 201501 윤순길
28 Journal of Alloys and Compounds Effect of electronic contribution on temperature-dependent thermal transport of antimony telluride thin film 0925-8388 201501 윤순길
29 Nanoscale Research Letters Effect of grain size on thermal transport in post-annealed antimony telluride thin films 1556-276X 201501 윤순길
30 RSC Advances Enhancement of solar cell efficiency using perovskite dyes deposited via a two-step process 2046-2069 201503 윤순길
31 Scientific Reports Realization of Large-Area Wrinkle-Free Monolayer Graphene Films Transferred to Functional Substrates 2045-2322 201506 윤순길
32 RSC Advances Enhanced reproducibility of the high efficiency perovskite solar cells via a thermal treatment 2046-2069 201506 윤순길
33 Current Applied Physics Magnetic resonance absorption in isolated metal/insulator/metal nanodot arrays with transmission geometry 1567-1739 201507 윤순길
34 Journal of Membrane Science Chemically and thermo-mechanically stable LSM?YSZ segmented oxygen permeable ceramic membrane 0376-7388 201507 윤순길
35 Science of Advanced Materials Thickness and Grain Size Effects on Thermal Transport of Post-Annealed Antimony Telluride Thin Films 1947-2935 201508 윤순길
36 Chemistry Letters Green and Reusable Nanocatalyst for the Synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepines and Its Derivatives under Solvent-free Conditions 0366-7022 201509 윤순길
37 Applied Surface Science Fabrication of undoped ZnO thin film via photosensitive sol?gel method and its applications for an electron transport layer of organic solar cells 0169-4332 201510 윤순길
38 Scripta Materialia Microstructural and electrical properties of lead-free 0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3?0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 (BZT?BCT) epitaxial films grown on Si (001) substrates 1359-6462 201511 윤순길
39 Current Applied Physics Thin-film multi-layer capacitors using Bi2Mg2/3Nb4/3O7 (BMNO) pyrochlore thin films via radio-frequency sputtering 1567-1739 201511 윤순길
40 Metals Dynamic Strain Evolution around a Crack Tip under Steady- and Overloaded-Fatigue Conditions 2075-4701 201511 윤순길
41 Korean Journal of Metals and Materials Characterization of the Structural Modulations in n-type Bi2 (Te0.95Se0.05)3 Thermoelectric Compound 1738-8228 201502 이갑호
42 ARCHIVES OF METALLURGY AND MATERIALS Fabrication of Zn4Sb3 Alloys by a Combination of Gas-Atomization and Spark Plasma Sintering Process 1733-3490 201506 이갑호
43 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES Numerical study of the effects of shear deformation and superimposed hydrostatic pressure on the formability of AZ31B at room temperature? 0020-7403 201503 이수열
44 MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING Improving microstructure and ductility in the Mg-Zn alloy system by combinational Ce-Ca microalloying 0921-5093 201503 이수열
45 METALS Twinning-Detwinning Behavior during Cyclic Deformation of Magnesium Alloy? 2075-4701 201506 이수열
46 CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS Thin-film multi-layer capacitors using Bi2Mg2/3Nb4/3O7 (BMNO) pyrochlore thin films via radio-frequency sputtering 1567-1739 201508 이수열
47 RSC Advances Few-atomic-layer boron nitride nanosheets synthesized in solid thermal waves 2046-2069 201501 이종현
48 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Thermo-mechano-chemical stability of ceramic materials during the electrowinning process using liquid metal electrodes in molten salts 0022-3131 201501 이종현
49 Rare Metals Electrochemical behavior of Nd in its pyrometallurgical recovery from waste magnet 1001-0521 201502 이종현
50 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials? Morphology change of Si deposit in molten salt electrorefining 1733-3490 201502 이종현
51 Metals and Materials International Mechanical and Asymmetrical Thermal Properties of Al/Cu Composite Fabricated by Repeated Hydrostatic Extrusion Process 1598-9623 201503 이종현
52 Materials Letters Reaction-mediated structuring of three-dimensional honeycomb-structured graphene scaffold 0167-577X 201503 이종현
53 Thermochimica Acta A thermochemical pathway for controlled synthesis of AlN nanoparticles in non-isothermal conditions 0040-6031 201503 이종현
54 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Effect of applied current on the formation of defect in PWR nuclear fuel rods in resistance pressure welding process 0022-3131 201505 이종현
55 Journal of Solid State Chemistry? Thermally induced formation of 2D hexagonal BN nanoplates with tunable characteristics 0022-4596 201505 이종현
56 METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A? Intergranular M23C6 Carbide Precipitation Behavior and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties of Inconel 690 Tubes 1073-5623 201509 이종현
57 Combustion and Flame Melt-assisted solid ?ame synthesis approach to amorphous boron nanoparticles 0010-2180 201509 이종현
58 CrystEngComm Iron-assisted electroless deposition reaction for synthesizing copper and silver dendritic structures 1466-8033 201510 이종현
59 International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials Characterization of Ta?Walloy ?lms deposited by molten salt Multi-Anode Reactive alloy Coating (MARC) method 0263-4368 201511 이종현
60 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Effects of fabrication process on microstructure and texture of Inconel 690 tubes for steam generator 0022-3131 201512 이종현
61 Chemical Engineering Journal Polymer assisted approach to two-dimensional (2D) nanosheets of B4C 1385-8947 201512 이종현
62 CORROSION ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Hot corrosion behaviour of Inconel 625 weldments in molten lithium salt 1478-422X 201512 이종현
63 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Combustion based synthesis of AlN nanoparticles using a solid nitrogen promotion reaction 0002-7820 201512 이종현
64 RSC Advances Configurable plasmonic substrates from heat-driven imprint-transferred Ag nanopatterns for enhanced photoluminescence 2046-2069 201505 정종율
65 Scientific Reports Thermoelectric signal enhancement by reconciling the spin Seebeck and anomalous Nernst effects in ferromagnetic/non-magnetic multilayers 2045-2322 201505 정종율
66 Journal of the Korean Physical Society Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy Study of the Stretched magnetic-domain Structure of Co/Pt Multilayers under an In-plane Field 0374-4884 201506 정종율
67 Current Applied Physics Magnetic resonance absorption in isolated metal/insulator/metal nanodot arrays with transmission geometry 1567-1739 201507 정종율
68 ACS Macro Letters Fast Nanorod Diffusion through Entangled Polymer Melts 2161-1653 201508 최지훈
69 Thin Solid Films? Texture and magnetic properties of Fe thin films fabricated by field-sputtering vs field-annealin 0040-6090 201511 한준현
70 Journal of Alloys and Compounds Growth and characterization of MgxZn1 xO films grown on r-plane sapphire substrates by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy 0925-8388 201502 홍순구
71 Journal of the Korean Physical Society Investigation of the Photoelectrochemical Properties for Typical ZnO Nanostructures Grown by using Chemical Vapor Transport 0374-4884 201503 홍순구
72 Superlattices and Microstructures Effect of indium concentration on morphology of ZnO nanostructures grown by using CVD method and their application for H2 gas sensing 0749-6036 201506 홍순구
73 Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology Nd2O3 : novel synthesis and characterization 0928-0707 201501 홍순익
74 Materials and Design Deformation and fracture of diffusion-bonded Cu?Ni?Zn/Cu?Cr layered composite 0264-1275 201502 홍순익
75 Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy Rambutan peels promoted biomimetic synthesis of bioinspired zinc oxide nanochains for biomedical applications 1386-1425 201502 홍순익
76 Journal of Materials Science Incubation and aging effect on cassiterite type tetragonal retile Sn02 nanocrystals 0022-2461 201504 홍순익
77 Nanobiotechnology, IET Facile and novel synthetic method to prepare nano molybdenum and its catalytic activity 1751-8741 201506 홍순익
78 Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Macroparticles Reduction Using Filter Free Cathodic Vacuum Arc Deposition Method in ZnO Thin Films 1533-4880 201503 홍순익
79 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials An environment benign biomimetic synthesis of mesoporous NiO concentric stacked doughnuts architecture 1387-1811 201505 홍순익
80 Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy Structural, compositional and textural properties of monoclinic α-Bi2O3 nanocrystals 1386-1425 201506 홍순익
81 Advanced Materials Research Mechanical Performance and Ductility of Cu/Al/Cu Clad Metals 1662-8985 201506 홍순익
82 Advanced Materials Research Baddeleyite Type Monoclinic Zirconium Oxide Nanocrystals Formation 1662-8985 201506 홍순익
83 Advanced Materials Research Effect of Heat Treatment on the Creep Properties of Zr-1Nb-0.12O Nuclear Cladding Tubes 1662-8985 201506 홍순익
84 Advanced Materials Research Effect of Heat Treatment on Galvanic Corrosion of Cu/Al/Cu Clad Soaked in 3.5% NaCl Brine Solution 1662-8985 201506 홍순익
85 Advanced Materials Research Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Interface Structure of 3-ply Ti/Cu/Ti Clad Composite 1662-8985 201506 홍순익
86 Advanced Materials Research Hot Deformation and Cracking during Compression of 21-4N Steel 1662-8985 201506 홍순익
87 Phase Transitions Structural phase transitions in niobium oxide nanocrystals 0141-1594 201509 홍순익